SowNatural Seeds and Catalogue Numbers
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Danielle Couture
Posted on: January 9, 2002

I was completing an order where most of the product are "SowNatural" but I’ve notice that for some of them the catalog number is the same as for the regular product.

Ex. Borage # S1470, Calendula # S1630, Common marjoram # S3890

Could you tell me how you can know wich one I want. I realy want the SowNatural; its makes a difference for me. So I appreciate if you could tell me what information you need to know wich one I need.

If you are ordering on the web with our online catalogue system, just choose the items marked "SowNatural". The online system knows which you are ordering. If you are ordering by mail, fax or phone, just indicate "Sow Natural" along with the item number and name.

Internally, our online and invoicing systems distinguish between the regular and "SowNatural" products with an extension to the item numbers, so that’s how we keep track of what customers want.

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