Devil’s Tickseed
Bidens frondosa
Uses: Medicinal Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring/Late Summer/Early Fall Ease of Germination: Moderate/Special Treatment Required
(Devil’s Beggarticks; Spanish Needles) A little known but very interesting North American native herb. It is an annual with small yellow flowers that spreads easily in muddy soils along the shores of rivers and lakes. It is outstanding for colds, whooping cough, irritation, inflammation, and for bleeding of the respiratory system. Recent studies have shown that it has powerful anti-inflammatory activity with the ability to calm the cytokine storms that cause severe inflammation. Some of its constituents are more effective than ibuprofen. It also has potent antibacterial and antioxidant properties and has been suggested for use as a possible natural preservative in foods. Requires cold stratification for 3 months followed by warm days and cool nights in order to germinate. Ht. 30-90cm/1-3ft.
S6485-120 Seeds $4.25/pkt
Currency: United States Dollar

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