Royal Thyme
Thymbra capitata
Uses: Culinary/Aromatic/Medicinal Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 7-10)
When to Sow: Spring/Late Summer/Early Fall Ease of Germination: Easy
(Spanish oregano; Conehead thyme; Pink savory; Persian hyssop; Tomillo real) Intense flavour that defies categories! It’s been called an oregano, a savory, a hyssop, and a thyme -- but it is none of these. Yet it is related to all of them, and shares elements of their aromas and flavours. Found in nearly every country on the shores of the Mediterranean, it has rich tradition of use that spans the centuries and the diverse cultures of that fabled region. And the flavour is amazing! It’s spicy. It tingles the tongue. It offers up a crescendo of savory notes and finishes with a hint of licorice. Used as a seasoning on meats, fish and boiled potatoes, in salads and soups, and with olives or sardines. It has strong antiseptic, antioxidant, antifungal, and antiviral properties. An infusion of the leaves is a traditional remedy for colds and flus, heart disease, diabetes, and digestive problems. Will thrive in any sunny well-drained location. Excellent bee plant. Ht. 30cm (1ft).
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